Introducing a Social Strategy City Builder RPG
set in the Mythic Renaissance

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Player Forums

Get to know the team and current players on the forums. Reports on game activity are delivered here, and character's opinions on each others posts directly impact in-game importance. Visit the Forums.

Brune Wiki

Check out some in-depth information on game play content and features. Settlements, groups, and characters above level 50 all have automatically created and updated pages here. Read the Wiki.

Game Catalog

The game catalog provides a quick reference for important features in the game. While playing, you can often click the name of an option to pull up its catalog page to learn more. Browse Catalog.

Videos and Guides

The Aesop Games team publishes videos and walk-throughs to help players get started and advance. You can browse videos on our youtube channel, and read the write ups on our help page.

Graphic Client Alpha

The alpha graphic client for pc, with optional Oculus Rift support, is available for download from indiedb! Preview the graphic client, already greenlit for later launch on Steam.

Support Development

Support development by purchasing premium game currency and spend it on awesome game perks both now in the open beta, and again after launch.

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